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DMS Related List Configuration for VisualForce Pages


Custom Metadata Types have been created to allow Organizations to manage custom set DMS Related List Configurations to display on VisualForce pages.

Users must have permission to access Setup to complete this article. 

After completing this you will know how-to:

  • Create a New DMS Related List Configuration
  • Override the default list view on a desired VisualForce page. 


Step 1: Navigate to Manage Records

To begin, navigate to Setup


In the quick search, start typing Custom Metadata.

  1. Click Custom Metadata Types from the search results.

From the available records, find DMS Related List Configuration.

  1. Click Manage Records.




Step 2: New DMS Related List Configuration 

To create a DMS Related List Configuration record, click New.  


DMS related list NEW button.png 

Required fields explained:

Label This will be the header value in the related list on your page layout
DMS Related List Configuration Name Tab out after you create a Label to auto-populate DRLC Name field
Object Name This is a lookup to the Object listing, select the Object that you wish to have a Related List for.
Related List Reference The name from the related list on the primary object. For Custom objects, follow the naming convention: dealer__List_Name__r.  For native SalesForce objects, you can use their standard name like ActivityHistories.
Theme Leave this set to All in most cases. Selecting other themes may limit the Related Lists ability to display.
Sequence This determines the order the related lists display at the bottom of the Visual Force Page.


Complete the required fields on the DMS Related List Configuration Edit modal.

Click Save.


DMS Related List EDIT fields explained.png 


Step 3: View DMS Related List Configuration

All by Object is the selected list view in the displayed image. This view is preferred because field-data for Disabled and Sequence display. 


NOTE: Once you assign a Related List Configuration to a VisualForce page the default related lists on the VisualForce page will be overridden. 

  1. To change the list view, select from the available pick-list options.
  2. SRO Service Estimate is now available under Custom Metadata Types --> DMS Related List Configuration option to Manage Records.   


All by Object Listview display of DMS Related List .png