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Field Sets for Sales Up


Find where the different Field Sets are displayed on the Sales Up page.


For information on how to use and configure Field Sets in general, please see related article Add custom fields to a page using Field Sets.


The Field Sets for Sales Up object help control how the "New Sales Up" page renders.  The following Field Sets are available for the Sales Up object out of the box:

  • Address
  • CustomAdvancedFieldSet
  • DesiredVehicle
  • FinancialFieldSet
  • ProspectFieldSet
  • TradeFieldSet

These Field Sets have different available fields from the the Sales Up object to populate. Each of these different Field Sets also renders on the Sales Up page in its own location.

Each of the standard Sales Up field sets can be populated from a certain subset of all the Sales Up standard fields.  Most Field Sets have their own header section for the page.  Depending on the particular Field Set, the values and associated Header section show up in different predetermined areas on the page.

Here are where the various Field Sets appear on the "New Sales Up" page, and whether the Field Set has its own section header or not.

Field Set Name Header Location found on page
Address "Address" Below primary main section
CustomAdvancedFieldSet "Custom Fields" Below "Address" (optional) area
DesiredVehicle "Desired Vehicle" Below "Custom Fields" (optional) area
FinancialFieldSet "Finance" Below "Desired Vehicle" (optional) area
ProspectFieldSet None Within primary main section
TradeFieldSet "Trade In" Below "Finance" (optional) area


Below is a screenshot of a Sales Up "New" screen showing all of the available Field Sets enabled with sample fields to illustrate the order they will appear, as well as the placement (or absence) of their associated headers.  Note the red rectangle shows the fields provided from the "ProspectFieldSet".