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How to Enable Feed Tracking


Feed tracking in Salesforce highlights changes to records by automatically announcing them in the record’s feed. You can configure feed tracking for users, chatter groups, topics, custom objects, and the following standard objects: accounts, article types, customers, dashboards, sales ups, vehicle inventory, reports, and tasks & events.

After reading this article be able to:

  • Navigate to feed tracking
  • Enable feed tracking


Step One: Navigate to Feed Tracking

  1. From Setup enter Feed Tracking in the quick search field.
  2. Click Feed Tracking.

1 How to Enable Feed Tracking- Feed Trcking navi.png


Step Two: Enable Feed Tracking

  1. ​Select desired object.
  2. Check Enable Feed Tracking checkbox.
  3. Check up to 20 desired field checkboxes.
  4. Click Save.

2 How to Enable Feed Tracking- Feed Tracking.png


Feed Tracking

Related Objects

To display feed activity for related objects scroll to the bottom and check the box "All Related Objects". Click Save. 
enable all related object



These objects and fields are tracked by default

Account account name, account owner
Chatter Group Allow Customers, Description, Group Access, Information Body, Information Title, Name, Owner Name
Customer Account Name, Customer Owner, Name
Sales Ups Sales Up Owner, Status, Name
Car Deal Amount, Close Date, Car Deal, Name, Owner, Stage
Topic Description
User About Me, Address, E-mail, Manager, Phone, Title



  • If Sales Ups are tracked, but Accounts, Customers, or Car Deals are not, users won't be able to follow or see updates related to the Accounts, Customers, and Car Deals created during the conversation and updates on the Sales Up record.
  • For Person Accounts, select the account fields you want to track. You can follow account fields, not contact fields.
  • Feed tracking for Events does not include request meetings. Once a request meeting is confirmed and becomes an event, then it can be tracked.
  • While you can follow Activities and Knowledge Articles in a chatter feed, the Follow button in the Action column for Activity and Knowledge Article list views are not available.
  • Feed tracked changes for Topics (changes to a topic's description) appear only on the profile page of the person who made the change, and not on the topic page or in your feed, even if you're following the topic.
  • If you disable feed tracking for Topics, users can no longer follow new topics, but they continue to follow the ones they followed when feed tracking was enabled.
  • Tracked feed updates that are older than 45 days and have no likes or comments are removed from the feed automatically.