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Rental Agreements

The object Rental Agreements collects information on a customer who rents a vehicle. Rental Agreements consists of a three main sections; Rental Vehicle Information, Customer Information, and Customer Insurance Information.  Required fields collect the data needed to track the vehicle's Mileage, In/Out dates, Fuel, Fees, Existing Damage, Insurance, Driver, and Payment information.  

API Name: dealer__Rental_Agreements__c 

Label Detail API Name Type
Accessories Cost cost of rented accessories dealer__Accessories_Cost__c Formula (Currency) This formula references multiple objects
Accessories Description   dealer__Accessories_Description__c Formula (Text)
Additional Charges Notes   dealer__Additional_Charges_Notes__c Text Area(255)
Additional Driver   dealer__Additional_Driver__c Text(35)
Additional Drivers Birthday   dealer__Additional_Drivers_Birthday__c Date
Additional Drivers Lic   dealer__Additional_Drivers_Lic__c Text(12)
Additional Drivers Lic Exp   dealer__Additional_Drivers_Lic_Exp__c Date
Additional Drivers Lic St.    dealer__Additional_Drivers_Lic_St__c Picklist
Adjustment Charges   dealer__Adjustment_Charges__c Currency(4, 2)
Agent   dealer__Agent__c Text(35)
Agreement Status   dealer__Agreement_Status__c Picklist
Authorization Number   dealer__Authorization_Number__c Text(12)
Balance Due   dealer__Balance_Due__c Formula (Currency)
CC Phone Number   dealer__CC_Phone_Number__c Phone
Contact   dealer__Contact__c Lookup(Contact)
Credit Card   dealer__Credit_Card__c Text (Encrypted)(125)
Credit Card Expiration Date   dealer__Credit_Card_Expiration_Date__c Text(5)
Credit Card Track Data   dealer__Credit_Card_Track_Data__c Text (Encrypted)(175)
Customer Pay Amount   dealer__Customer_Pay_Amount__c Currency(5, 2)
Customer Vehicle   dealer__Customer_Vehicle__c Lookup(Service Vehicle)
Customer Vehicle Description    dealer__Customer_Vehicle_Description__c Formula (Text)
Customer Vehicle License#   dealer__Customer_Vehicle_Licence_No__c Formula (Text)
Customer Vehicle License State   dealer__Customer_Vehicle_Licence_State__c Formula (Text)
Customer Vehicle VIN   dealer__Customer_Vehicle_VIN__c Formula (Text)
Daily Miles Allowed   dealer__Daily_Miles_Allowed__c Formula (Number) 
Date DUE in:   dealer__Date_DUE_In__c Date
Date Out:   dealer__Date_Out__c Date
Days Elapsed From Today, how long the vehicle's out dealer__Days_Elapsed__c Formula (Number)
Days Free # of Days with no charge  dealer__Days_Free__c Number(3, 0)
Days Rented   dealer__Days_Rented__c Formula (Number)
Delivery Fee   dealer__Delivery_Fee__c Currency(16, 2)
Delivery Instructions    dealer__Delivery_Instructions__c Rich Text Area(16000)
Delivery or Pickup   dealer__Delivery_or_Pickup__c Picklist
Deposit Amount   dealer__Deposit_Amount__c Currency(4, 2)
Deposit Method   dealer__Deposit_Method__c Picklist
Discount    dealer__Discount__c Currency(4, 2)
Discount Percentage   dealer__Discount_Percentage__c Percent(16, 2)
Drivers Birthdate   dealer__Drivers_Birthdate__c Date
Drivers Lic   dealer__Drivers_Lic__c Text(17)
Drivers Lic Exp   dealer__Drivers_Lic_Exp__c Date
Drivers Lic St   dealer__Drivers_Lic_State__c Picklist
Estimated Charges   dealer__Estimated_Charges__c Formula (Currency) 
Excess Miles Fee Fee for going over mileage dealer__Excess_Miles_Fee__c Currency(1, 2)
Existing Damage   dealer__Existing_Damage__c Text Area(255)
Fuel Charge on Return   dealer__Fuel_Charge_on_Return__c Currency(3, 2)
Fuel Charge per Gallon   dealer__Fuel_Charge_per_Gallon__c Currency(2, 2)
Fuel Level on Checkout   dealer__Fuel_Level_on_Checkout__c Picklist
Fuel Level on Return   dealer__Fuel_Level_on_Return__c Picklist
Insurer    dealer__Insurer__c Text(64)
Insurer Phone   dealer__Insurer_Phone__c Phone
Location   dealer__Location__c Lookup(Location)
Mileage Limit Daily   dealer__Mileage_Limit_Daily__c Number(4, 0)
Mileage Out   dealer__Mileage_Out__c Number(7, 0)
Miles Driven   dealer__Miles_Driven__c Formula (Number)
Payment Method   dealer__Payment_Method__c Picklist
Payment Type   dealer__Payment_Type__c Picklist
Policy Expiration Date Insurance policy dealer__Policy_Expiration_Date__c Date
Policy No. Insurance policy dealer__Policy_No__c Text(35)
Purchase Order   dealer__Purchase_Order__c Text(15)
Refueling Fee   dealer__Refueling_Fee__c Currency(3, 2)
Rental Accessories   dealer__Rental_Accessories__c Lookup(Rental Accessories)
Rental Rate   dealer__Rental_Rate__c Formula (Currency) 
Rental Rate code   dealer__Rental_Rates_code__c Lookup(Rental Rates)
Rental Vehicle   dealer__Rental_Vehicle__c Lookup(Vehicle Inventory)
Rental Vehicle Description   dealer__Rental_Vehicle_Description__c Formula (Text)
Rental Vehicle Unit No   dealer__Rental_Vehicle_Unit_No__c Formula (Text) 
Rental Vehicle VIN   dealer__Rental_Vehicle_VIN__c Formula (Text)
Return Damage   dealer__Return_Damage__c Text Area(255
Return Date   dealer__Return_Date__c Date
Return Mileage   dealer__Return_Mileage__c Number(7, 0)
Return Time   dealer__Return_Time__c Text(12)
Return Time raw minutes   dealer__Return_Time_raw_minutes__c Formula (Number)
Service Repair Order   dealer__Service_Repair_Order__c Lookup(Service Repair Order)
Service Repair Orders NO    dealer__Service_Repair_Order_No__c Formula (Text)
Split Payment Notes   dealer__Split_Payment_Notes__c Text Area(255)
Tax Exempt   dealer__Tax_Exempt__c Checkbox
Time DUE IN   dealer__Time_DUE_IN__c Text(8)
Time DUE IN raw minutes   dealer__Time_DUE_IN_raw_minutes__c Formula (Number)
Time OUT   dealer__Time_OUT__c Text(8)
Time OUT raw minutes   dealer__Time_OUT_raw_minutes__c Formula (Number)
Total Adjustments   dealer__Total_Adjustment__c Formula (Currency)
Total Estimated Charges   dealer__Total_Estimated_Charges__c Currency(16, 2)
Total Payments   dealer__Total_Payments__c Currency(12, 2)
Vehicle License Fee API name has misspelling  dealer__Vehicle_Licence_Fee__c Currency(2, 2)
Vehicle License Fee Extended API name has misspelling  dealer__Vehicle_Licence_Fee_Extended__c Formula (Currency)
Void Reason   dealer__Void_Reason__c Text Area(255)