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Vehicle Status Code History

Record the history of changes to the status codes assigned to Inventory Vehicles.  When the status code is changed on a vehicle, it is recorded to this table.

Common uses for this table are to track the progress of a vehicle through the reconditioning process and reporting on the days a vehicle has remained in the status code.  For example, Retail Ready for 92 days, would indicate a vehicle that has been available for sale for a total of 92 days.

Object API Name : dealer__Vehicle_Inventory_Status_Code_History__c

Label Detail API Name Type
Inventoried Vehicle The inventory record associated with this status code entry. dealer__Inventoried_Vehicle__c Lookup (Vehicle Inventory)
Status Code The status code the vehicle was assigned during this period in the lifecycle of the vehicle. dealer__Status_Code__c String
Date Assigned Date the status code was assigned to this vehicle. dealer__Date_Assigned__c Date
Date Unassigned Date the status code was relieved from this vehicle. dealer__Date_Unassigned__c Date
Days Count of days this vehicle was in the status code.  dealer__Days__c Formula (Number)