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Outbound Auto-lead Data Format (ADF)

Auto-lead Data Format


Auto-lead Data Format or ADF, is an open standard that allows the interchange of information between consumers, dealerships and service providers. The DealerTeam platform both sends outbound and accepts new inbound leads as an email payload consisting of XML/ADF.  

The structured format for XML/ADF is provided below in two examples, Buy with Trade-in and Sell Only.

MUDD Advertising created a free tool to generate blank ADF templates. Click here to practice and easily produce 100% valid XML in Auto-Lead Data Format. 


ADF lead handler in DealerTeam

Sales Ups may be sent out of DealerTeam as an ADF payload to an email message. 


ADF Field Mapping

Fields from the Sales Up will be used to map the outbound ADF. The fields in each table will draw from the object referenced from the Sales Up field in the title.

Vehicle Element (dealer__Sales_Up__c)
<vehicle interest="buy | lease"> <finance>  
  <method> = dealer__Finance_Method__c  
  <amount type="monthly"> = dealer__Desired_Monthly_Payment__c  
  <amount type="total"> = dealer__Pre_qualified_Loan_Amount__c  
  <amount type="downpayment"> = dealer__Down_Payment__c  


Vehicle Element (dealer__Desired_Stock_Num__c)
<vehicle interest="buy | lease"> <vehicle interest="sell | trade-in">
  <status> = dealer__New_Used_Other__c   status = dealer__New_Used_Other__c
  <year> = dealer__Year__c   <year> = dealer__Trade_Year__c
  <make> = dealer__Make__c   <make> = dealer__Trade_Make__c
  <model> = dealer__Model__c   <model> = dealer__Trade_Model__c
  <vin> = dealer__VIN__c   <vin> = dealer__Trade_VIN__c
  <trim> = dealer__Trim_Level__c   <trim> = dealer__Trade_Trim_Level__c
  <transmission> = dealer__Transmission_Shift_Type__c   <odometer> = dealer__Trade_Mileage__c
  <stock> = dealer__Stock_Number__c   <comments> = dealer__Trade_Comments__c


Customer Element (dealer__Sales_Up__c)
<customer> <comments> = dealer__Comments__c (from sup)  
<customer> <timeframe> = dealer__Timeframe__c (from sup)      


Customer Element (dealer__Buyer_Contact__c)
<customer> <contact> <customer> <address>  
  <name part="first"> = firstName   <street> = mailingStreet
  <name part="last"> = lastName   <city> = mailingCity

<email> = dealer__Email__c

  <regioncode> = mailingState
  <phone type="voice | nopreference | null"> = phone   <postalcode> = mailingPostalCode
  <phone type="cellphone"> = mobilePhone  


Vendor Element (dealer__Store_Location__c)
  <name> = Name    
  <url> = dealer__Website__c    


Provider Element (Organization)
  <name> = Name    
  <service> = ''    
  <url> = ''    
  <email> = ''    
  <phone> = Phone    
  <street> = Street    
  <city> = City    
  <regioncode> = State    
  <postalCode> = PostalCode    
  <country> = Country