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Related Record Field Set


Add the the Related Record Field Set component to display customized information of any related objects. The component will display fields sets of the related records.  This can be done with all objects that have lookup fields.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the Lightning Page Editor
  • Add the Related Record Field Set component
  • Verify the component


Attention! You can add any related lookup object field set to any corresponding object record. In this example we will add the buyer contact new field set to the Sales Up object.



Step One: Navigate to the Lightning Page Editor

  1. Click the dropdown icon on the Sales Up tab.
  2. Select a record.

1 rrfs - record.png


  1. Click the setup gear icon.
  2. Select Edit Page.

2 rrfs - page editor.png


Step Two: Add the Related Record Field Set Component

  1. Enter Related Record Field Set in the component search area.
  2. Drag the component to the desired area

3 rrfs - component.png


Fill out the component details using the chart below:

Field Description
3. Lookup Field Name API name of a lookup field on the current record.
4. Field Set Name API name on the field set of the related record for display .
5. Master Label The label displayed on the component being added to the record.
6. Display Icon Show Icon?
7.  Icon Name Enter the icon name you wish to display. SLDS Icon Names


Attention! A Field Set is required on the related object. Read Creating and Editing Field Sets to learn more. 


4 rrfs - component details.png


  1. After the details have been entered click Save.

5 rrfs - save.png


Step Three: Verify the Component

  1.  To return to the record click Back.

6 rrfs - back.png


The Component with be located on the record with the field set of the related object

8 rrfs - component.png