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Rental Settings


Manage Rental Default settings and Rental Forms.

Navigate to DealerTeam Configuration

1. Click the App Launcher.

2. Enter DealerTeam Configuration in the search box.

3. Click DealerTeam Configuration.


Rental Settings 

Go to Rental Settings by clicking the Rental tab. There are two sub-tabs available, Rental Defaults and Rental Forms. The Rental Defaults tab controls

default Rental fees and charges on a Rental Contract and Rental Receipt. Fields in a Rental Rate can be automatically assigned a default value. The

Rental Forms tab controls the Form page names to be displayed for Rental Contract and Rental Receipt. 


Rental Defaults

To go to Rental Defaults, click the Rental Defaults tab. 


To edit a Setting, find the desired Setting Name then click the Edit button.

Setting Name Description Changes are applied to the Object:
Rental Color Chart Manage colors and rental types. Scheduler
Excess Mileage Fee The fee to charge per additional mile. Rental Rate
Daily Mileage Limit  The total miles per day included in a Rental Rate. Rental Rate
Fuel Charge Per Gallon The price per gallon to charge for rentals that need refueling. Rental Rate
Refueling Fee The fee for Re-Fueling the vehicle after return. Rental Rate


Rental Defaults Page.png


Rental Forms

To go to Rental Forms, click the Rental Forms tab. 


To edit a Form, find the desired Ford Name then click the Edit button.