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Send an ADF Payload Using Process Builder


This article will guide you through the steps of creating a Process within Salesforce that will trigger an Outbound ADF Payload. You will be able to specify the recipient email address of your choice as well define the criteria for sending the payload.

After reading this article you be able to:

  • Navigate to the process builder
  • Create a new process
  • Customize the process to trigger an ADF Payload


Step One: Navigate to the Process Builder

  1. Click the gear icon.
  2. Click Setup.

1 Send ADF- gear icon.png


  1. Enter Process Builder in the quick find area.
  2. Click Process Builder.

2 Send ADF- process builder navi.png


Step Two: Create a New Process

  1. Click the New button.

3 Send ADF- new pb.png


  1. Enter values for:
    1. Process Name
    2. API Name
    3. Description
    4. The process starts when
  2. Click Save.

4 Send ADF-  pb fields save.png 


Step Three: Customize the Process

Add Object

  1. Click Add Object.

5 Send ADF-  add obj.png


  1. Select the Sales Up object.
  2. Define when the process should start, based on business requirements.
  3. Click Save.

6 Send ADF-  pb obj details.png


Add Criteria

  1. Click Add Criteria.

7 Send ADF-  add criteria.png


  1. Define the conditions to be met prior to triggering the Outbound ADF Payload.
  2. Click Save.

8 Send ADF-  criteria save.png

Immediate Actions

  1. Click Add Action.

9 Send ADF-  add Acction.png

  1. Select Apex as the value of Action Type.
  2. Enter a Value for Action Name.
  3. Select Process ADF as the value of Apex Class.

10 Send ADF-  Action details.png


  1. In the Set Apex Variables section click the Find a field input area under the Value column.11 Send ADF-  Apex Variable.png


  1. Choose the first option Select the dealer__Sales_Up__c record that started your process.
  2. Click Choose.

12 Send ADF-  Select field.png


  1. Set the remaining Values of the Apex Variables including the recipient email for the ADF Payload and the transaction type (optional).
  2. Click Save.

13 Send ADF-  SAVE ACTION.png


  1. Click Activate.

14 Send ADF-  Activate.png