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Setting up Sales Dispositions


Setup Sales Dispositions to automatically sync the statuses on a related Sales Up and Deal. When Sales Dispositions are applied, a single status update to a Deal will create a matching status on the related Sales up.  There are four default values when setting Sales Dispositions: Open, Accepted, Lost, Won.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Map the pick list values
  • Navigate to sales dispositions in custom settings
  • Edit sales dispositions

Note: If you have multiple Deals attached to a Sales up, the Primary Deal will be the one to set the disposition and update the related Sales Up Record. Updates run from the Deal to the Sales Up, any changes to the Sales up will not update the status of any related Deals.


Step One: Map the Pick List Values 

Look up the pick list values for Status on the Sales Up and Deal.

  1. From Setup click Object Manager.
  2. Enter Sales Up in the quick find area.
  3. Click Sales Up.

1 Setting Up Sales Dispostions- sales up object manager.png


  1. Click Fields & Relationships.
  2. Enter Lead Status in the quick find area.
  3. Click Lead Status.

2 Setting Up Sales Dispostions- sales up object manager.png


For deal status pick list values follow the step path for the Status field of the Deal object.

These values will be used to map the correlation between the Sales Up, the Deal, and assign the correct Sales Disposition.  

  diagram mapping pick list values from sales ups and deals with a correlated sales disposition                                   


Step Two: Navigate to Sales Dispositions in Custom Settings

  1. From Setup enter Custom Settings in the quick find area.
  2. Click Custom Settings.
  3. Click Mange next to SalesDispositions.

3 Setting Up Sales Dispostions- custom settings.png


Step Three: Edit Sales Dispositions

Name the disposition and set the Deal Status and the Sales Up status that will correlate with the saved disposition.

  1. Click Edit next to the desired picklist values.

4 Setting Up Sales Dispostions- picklist value.png


  1. Make the desired status changes.
  2. Click Save.

5 Setting Up Sales Dispostions- status change.png



Correlating all statuses on the Sales Up and the Deal with a sales disposition will update the related record accordingly.  

Statuses on the SalesUp and the Deal and have correlated with the disposition