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How to Modify Pick List Values

This article shows you how to modify picklist values. For this example, learn how to Add and Edit values to the Source picklist on the Sales Ups object.
Available in: All Editions
User Permissions Needed
To change picklists: “Customize Application”


First Step

To get started, Click Setup

Expand Create by clicking the small arrow, or type Objects in the quick find box. Click Objects.

setup and create, choose objects           

Second Step

Scroll down the list of objects and click Sales Up
click Sales Up

Scroll down the list of Custom Fields & Relationships and find the Source field. 

Click Source
find the field  Source

Third Step

Scroll down to Picklist Values. Here you can Edit, Delete existing values, add New, Reorder, Replace, Print list, and change the Chart Color of any source value.

To add a source

Click New 

click New

Continue by adding each new source on its own line. It is important to check the box next to all Record Types the added value will apply. Otherwise the added value will not be available for use in the picklist.

enter the new source

To Edit a source 

Click Edit

edit existing

Click Save when done. 

edit source details

To Replace a source

click Replace. This feature will replace a picklist value globally throughout the system. It can also be used to replace all blank values. 

replace a source value

When finished click Replace. 

To Reorder source values

Click Reorder. Click Save when done. 

reorder source values